"Feel Free to choose PruFection"

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PruFections have a European Artisan influence - full of pure goodness that makes them totally irresistible to the eye and delicious to the palate.

 PruFections are vegan: dairy-free, egg-free, plant- based goodies.

PruFections cakes are avocado-made - and are also available in sugar-free and gluten-free. 

PruFections soda-breads are avocado-made - with no sugar, no dairy and no eggs. Also available gluten-free.

With the added advantage of being the healthy option without having to sacrifice any of the flavour-  you CAN have it all with PruFections.


 DAILY• 9AM - 9PM  from August 2018

For  Special  Orders -

 Los Angeles Area

Home deliveries available
Los Angeles, 90068

 SUNDAYS • 9.30AM - 2.30PM  from August 2018

Toluca Lake Farmers Market

Los Angeles

Riverside/ Forman Toluca Lake, Los Angeles,91602

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Baking mixes and classes available soon.

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