"In my exploration of eliminating dairy and eggs from all my vegetarian recipes to cook only using plant proteins, I found it a great challenge to create a cake recipe that would not taste any different from what we all expect from a great tasting sponge.
I experimented with avocado as a replacement for the creaminess of the butter and the protein of the eggs - and to my immense delight found that I was able to bake a very light and moist cake using no eggs, no dairy yet with all the nutritional benefits of avocado. Having shared my discovery with friends and family, the huge positive reaction led me to become licensed to run my own catering company  - which appears to have taken on a life of its own!!"


   Billyboy Burbank

   Billyboy Burbank


About Us

"I am a full time practicing  multi-disciplinary artist - and for a number of years now, I have been developing an animation series based on a stop-motion Koala bear Vegan chef. The aim is that 'Billyboy Burbank' will educate children on cooking using plant proteins. This is an ongoing project and 'PruFections' - which include my avocado-made cakes - are leading the way.....Thank you for your interest. "

Amy Goodrich

PruFeria PruFections LLC

PruFeria Films, Los Angeles 90068

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I am a multi-disciplinary fine artist. I graduated from Saint Martins School of Art with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture and also as a post graduate in Character Animation.
Since 1995 - I have been inspired in two quite diverse trains of thought: Firstly my more abstract sculptural work in which I worked in the clinical, often austere media of glass, latex, wax and perspex. These pieces have been exhibited globally, including at the Barbican and the Riverside Studios , London. 
Secondly, my soft sculptural works (Formally known as Portobello Bears) have been exhibited throughout the world for two decades by specialist exclusive stores and galleries.

Now I am also exploring the magical world of animation and experimental film.
Beginning in 2010, I moved towards giving these characters life. This is an ongoing project for me - bringing together my background in music, love of film and theatre and also using the mathematical side of my brain which is key to this incredibly meticulously structured art form of Animation. When I graduated in Character Animation, I chose a pseudonym of PruFeria - namely my gothic teenage alter-ego; Thus the birth of PruFeria Films in 2011.

Through the development of these characters over the last 6 years, I became increasingly aware that for me to share with the world my discoveries in cooking with plant proteins, I needed to be licensed - Hence the launch of PruFeria PruFections.

The aim is to bring forth this passion for connectivity and education for an inspiring and fulfilling way of balancing nutrition without losing the delight of what great food should bring to our lives. I do not believe there needs to be a sacrifice in making different choices, there is only more to gain....as we strive for PruFection.

With the Introduction of PruFeria PruFections Baking mixes - I hope to see many people discover for themselves how wonderful this experience can be and share with the next generations to come the information that will help them make more informed choices. Coming soon!!


Related merchandise will be available shortly - as well as links shared to Youtube videos showing how to....and from Billyboy Burbank too!!


Be part of PruFection:

With a growing awareness pf nutritional values and dietary needs, please join us on our mission to discover new ways of living life to the full - by connecting with our food choices and embracing all the goodness that  plant -based  eating  gives.

Come share your own story  with us too - so we can all inspire each other in this quest for PruFection.